Davison's Exclusive Method

What continues to separate Davison as an industry leader in taking an idea from the concept stage and developing it for a corporation into a market-ready product is our unique, revolutionary, and exclusive method: The Davison™ Method. Every product Davison designs and develops goes through our systematic method.

From idea to licensed product

In essence, the Davison™ Method allows us to present corporations with finished products that look and function as if they came right out of their own in-house R&D facility in a completely turnkey fashion. They fit perfectly into their product-lines and emulate their branding and packaging down to every last detail. The Davison™ Method takes into account everything from competitive products, target audience, industry trends, and pricing to materials, manufacturing, appearance, and product protection. It delivers high quality finished products you can be proud of that exceed the needs of your market. The Davison™ Method is not only the catalyst for developing innovative products, it also fosters lifelong relationships with our clients.